4x Start gate Practice?

After watching the many winter training videos the pro's had posted on the internet this year we were quite jealous that some had their own start gates to get that essential practice over the winter months!
So taking matters into our hands, we thought we could offer our customers a chance to get the much needed practice that many cant get!
The most important part of our gate, will be that it is pneumatically operated. It will also have a timer for close to race situations. This means the gate will be operated by button or with a timer instead of manually.

With a few 'school boy errors' we finally started to get the main frame started.

Half done! Now for the 2nd ramp and the pneumatic cyclinder to be fitted!

Once built, we will be running gate practice from outside the shop over summer evenings and hopefully using it at local 4x tracks that dont already have gated falicilities. Follow the blog to keep up to date with our progress.
If you would like more info on our planned gate practice, email us Team@captivbikes.co.uk